6th Birthday

My birthday is coming up next month. Looking forward to the birthday calendar I know Mommy will be making for me and to the riddle in the small box for each day till the day itself. Mommy asked me to make a birthday wish list sometimes ago. So, here we go;

    • Lego plane.
    • Tom and Jerry DVD

tho Mommy doesn’t really like me watching the cartoon. Too fast, too furious, she said.

  • Conni book.
  • A dress in Mommy size, so when it’s her birthday I have a present for her.

And I am looking forward to seeing my paternal family again this Christmas.

And the Countdown begins!

birthdaycalendar1Most children here have their own advent calendars and since we’ll celebrate a very special day this month, Mommy made a very special calendar for a very special person. She diligently made 21 of those 27 boxes herself but I helped her decorated them and the calendar. And each day this month I can open one box. I am so excited! I filled some of the things inside the boxes myself. Hehe.

I told Mommy, she can borrow those boxes for her own birthday calendar because I don’t know how to make them. She needs only five tho.

Now, I can start making the invitation cards for my birthday party’s guests. I wanted to doit in November already but Mommy said it’s much too early.

Good Night Stories

Since I can read a few months ago, I love reading. Now, I read bed time stories for Mommy after she is done reading to me. And when she isn’t around, I’ll read to Papa too. They love the stories or so they said. Here’s the list of books I love to read in random order.

  • Dr Seuss’s Ten Apples Up on Top!
  • Dr Seuss’s There’s a Wocket in My Pocket!
  • Dr Seuss’s Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?
  • A Treasury for Four Year Olds
  • Richard Scarry’s Best Storybook Ever!
  • Pedro’s Burro
  • Clifford The Red Dog’s series
  • Printout books from Starfall.com

We have many baby books, but they are too easy Mommy said. Papa said I should start reading books without pictures like the one Mommy is reading, but I like the one w pictures much better.

Maybe someone would like to suggest more books for me to read. You can send suggestion to Mommy dearest. :-)


Last week, my soon-to-be kindergarten teacher called and asked if we would like to go and visit them before the new session starts. Just to familiarize ourselves w the new kindergarten. And yesterday she called us up again and when Mommy told me, I was so excited that I wanted to go right away. Then Mommy was lamenting how she would miss me when I go to kindergarten. So, I suggested that we get another Zuleikha (how? only God knows). She said, “Mommy will be w the other Zuleikha while you are in kindergarten?” Boldly I replied, “NO, the other Zuleikha goes to kindergarten and I stay w you” Haha. I am so smart at dodging kindergarten.
Anyway, today we went to the new kindergarten. We are really impressed. I will be placed in the Räuber (robber) group. Papa would be glad because sometimes he likes to call me Räuberin or Räbertochter.
But for now, I need to finish off my learning with Mommy before kindergarten starts on Sept 16 and we need to get the items on the list for kindergarten. How exciting!


My beloved Oma passed away on Monday 18th May 2009 after a complicated operation. Here are some pics, so I would never forget her.

This was when I first met her in May 2005 when they came to visit from Belgium. I was barely 5 months old.
Since they love me so much, they came to visit again in August 2005. and brought w them lots of goodies for me that we thought it was xmas, but what I liked the most was her pendant 😉
p200608130032Since her health didn’t permit them to visit, we decided to visit them instead on Opa‘s birthday in August 2006.
hzl200612280088 Right after we came back from Malaysia in Dec 2006, they came to visit for my birthday. It was rather a short visit tho.
When we moved to Freising in 2007 they visited us again. So nice of them to drive such a long distance.

We visited them again between X-mas 2008 and a new year and tht’s the last time we saw her.
You will always be missed by your family Oma. May you rest in peace.

Short update

A lot has been happening since the last update – Mommy couldn’t remember much of it anymore. Anyway, like some of you may have known that soonish we are moving to Mörfelden-Walldorf, a place just outside Frankfurt am Main. We went there during Easter break to clean up the new apt, painted my room. It turned out not as in the color in the chart. My parents frowned when they see the color but I loove it.

hzl200904080061My new abode, it’s supposed to be light pink but who cares. hzl200904080063
Also my parents just handed in the notice to my kindergarten teacher.
hzl200904160097And hopefully I could get a place in the new kindergarten which is just outside my parents’ bedroom. hzl200904160091This is in front of our apt. complex.

At the moment, I am very very busy helping Mommy w sorting out stuff and packing.

Snowmen and Dragon Party

We have lots and lots of snow this winter and one of those who enjoys it is me. I made up a song one day, which Mommy and I kept chanting on the way to kindergarten. It goes sth like this,

Es schneit, es schneit,
Es ist Kindergartenszeit

It’s snowing, it’s snowing,
It’s time for kindergarten

hzl200902180031We also made a few snowmen this winter. This is our latest tho we were not really in the mood to decorate it. I wanted to sled but the snow was so soft and thick that the sled sunk in and didn’t move at all.

Thursday, 19th February 2009

We had a dragon-themed party today in kindergarten. Mommy dressed me up as a dragon, but most of my girl friends dressed up as princesses. Dragon and princess, what a match!

Didn’t matter tho, coz we had fun.
hzl200902190036Didn’t I look scary? hzl200902190037

Week 07 of the year 2009

It hadn’t been a good week for me tho on Monday the doc said my ear was OK again. I dunno what happened but I don’t like going to kindergarten anymore. Mommy was puzzled because she thought that would never happen. On Wednesday, my teacher Astrid talked to her about me; that I cried for no a apparent reason. My tears flowed just like a dam breaking up. [Sometimes I do tell Mommy that my tears just wanna come out, as if they have mind of their own]. Astrid asked Mommy what has been happening at home. Nothing unusual tho, Mommy thinks I miss my papa. They know it’s hard, but I don’t think they know how hard it’s. I can’t really tell them too, well not in the way they would understand.

On Friday, I begged Mommy to let me stay home. Mommy said no. I told Mommy I want to go to the doc’s. She said we can’t go, if we are not sick. I  cried all the way to kindergarten. When we were there, we sat a few minutes at the entryway with Mommy wiping my tears away and discussing why I can’t go home w her. I think, a few more minutes she would take me home, but Astrid came to see us and asked why. Later she took me in her arms and carried me to the class room. I was smiling in my tears saying goodbye to Mommy w my teddy Snowflake clinching in my arms.

hzl200902050001hzl200902050005This pic was taken when Mommy had her b-day. I asked her to bake a cake w teddy decoration. She thought it would be too much for two of us, so she baked muffins instead.

We were playing dragon family in kindergarten, hence the green mark on my forehead.