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  1. Welcome to the guestbook where you can leave message to Zuleikha. Mommy will read it out to me until I myself can read. Could be a long way; I am still at A,B,C, H and Y. Some ppl have asked me not to grow so fast…But in next kindergarden calendar year I will be on. I can hear mommy scream no!!!:-)

  2. Hi Midah n hubby,
    Hope you are doing well there & still remember us kat Malaysia.

    Selamat Hari Ray, Minta Maaf Zahir dan Batin N Halalkan makan minum

    To Baby Zuleikha,
    Cepat-cepat besar.. n jgn buli mommy.

  3. Hi, Zuleikha…

    I’m your mommy’s old friend.
    Tell your mommy that I miss her so much.

    Keep your mommy busy all the time. The, she’ll be happy.

    Semoga membesar dengan ceria.

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