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Eee PC

14th April 2008

Papa’s friend Peter (pic)came to visit on Sunday and brought his baby Eee PC. Tht’s was so cool. He said they only have black and white ones here, but in Asia they have a wide range of colors. Mommy thought pink is nice and said we should go visit atuk – grandpa in Malaysia and buy it there. Peter even turned on the camera of the laptop and let me goof around for a while.

That night I went to sleep after insisting that we would go to Malaysia the next morning and buy the baby laptop. Mommy said something like we need to save money, both for the flight and the laptop. And, “How about the bicycle for your 4th birthday?”, Mommy asked. I didn’t wanna know anything about bicycle.

Das Gutenachthaus

07 April 2008

First of all , on behalf of my family , I would like to wish Happy 3rd Birthday and all the best to my cousin Aisha in Malaysia. Would love to sing a birthday song to her myself but she was sleeping when Mommy called them this morning. Maybe she was dreaming of it too.

Anyway this is my impression of Das Gutenachthaus – The good-night house – a prog. which I normally see on my fave children channel KIKA- with mommy (in green dress). me and papa. Don’t ask me why Mommy looks so sour, tho.