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Opa and Oma’s Visit

hzl200708150001.jpg14 -18th August 2007

Opa and Oma came to visit us. It’s really good to see them again.

On Wednesday, we were invited to Bavaria Park – an entertainment/theme park which isn’t very far from our place. Unfortunately, it was a holiday here in Bavaria, so they had a full house. We didn’t get to do much without being in a very long queue.

hzl200708150005.jpgAfter much persuasion from me -read:crying- we did hop onto a few merry-go-rounds and rides.

hzl200708150007.jpgCheese 🙂

hzl200708150013.jpgA train ride w opa.

hzl200708150018.jpgI loved the ride so much that I dragged Mommy to come with me for the next ride.

hzl200708150020.jpgOma and me in the garden at Weinstephan.

hzl200708160004.jpgThe next day we took them around Freising. There isn’t much to see here, so we went to Munich Airport.

I looove riding these and Opa and Oma spoilt me.


hzl200708170084.jpgOn Friday we went to Munich City. First stop was the Residence Museum. There, I met a really nice girl from Spain; or she found me, but we were hooked from then on. Suddenly the visit became so interesting. The girl’s name is Elia (sp). We were having fun running around and cried when we parted. Papa did invite them over, but they didn’t have much time.

hzl200708180094.jpg On Saturday, opa and oma wanted to have a look at the city again. We have other chores to do, so we met later in the evening. The next day opa and oma went back to Belgium. It was a long ride and mind you my opa isn’t the youngest anymore. He is 74. We are so grateful that they came and hope they had a good time as much as we did.

Trausnitz Castle

hzl200707290007.jpg29th July 2007

Today papa took us for a sunday walk to Trausnitz Castle in the town of Landshut, which is about a half hour from us. It was nice.


Afterward, we went to the small animal park close to the castle. They have herd of goats and deers there, which people can feed. It was hard to believe what people try to feed them -not only grass, fruits and vegie. Some people gave these poor animals bread, cookies and even croissant. We just couldn’t understand this. Hopefully these animals don’t get stomach ache later.

hzl200707290031.jpg These are for you, mama goat