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Abt me growing up.

Saving my babybook

Sometime last year we lost the contents of our server Mommy thought we lost her precious “baby” and when Papa set up everything again, she didn’t want to bother with having her own website. Until recently, she then decided to dig out her backups of things she accumulated.  She found a backup of my old babybook tho it was until 2009 only. Still it’s better than nothing. All the pics are gone but she has these on the folders somewhere and she’ll have to upload to Flickr and embed them here. Lets hope she’ll get it done soon.

6th Birthday

My birthday is coming up next month. Looking forward to the birthday calendar I know Mommy will be making for me and to the riddle in the small box for each day till the day itself. Mommy asked me to make a birthday wish list sometimes ago. So, here we go;

    • Lego plane.
    • Tom and Jerry DVD

tho Mommy doesn’t really like me watching the cartoon. Too fast, too furious, she said.

  • Conni book.
  • A dress in Mommy size, so when it’s her birthday I have a present for her.

And I am looking forward to seeing my paternal family again this Christmas.

Good Night Stories

Since I can read a few months ago, I love reading. Now, I read bed time stories for Mommy after she is done reading to me. And when she isn’t around, I’ll read to Papa too. They love the stories or so they said. Here’s the list of books I love to read in random order.

  • Dr Seuss’s Ten Apples Up on Top!
  • Dr Seuss’s There’s a Wocket in My Pocket!
  • Dr Seuss’s Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?
  • A Treasury for Four Year Olds
  • Richard Scarry’s Best Storybook Ever!
  • Pedro’s Burro
  • Clifford The Red Dog’s series
  • Printout books from

We have many baby books, but they are too easy Mommy said. Papa said I should start reading books without pictures like the one Mommy is reading, but I like the one w pictures much better.

Maybe someone would like to suggest more books for me to read. You can send suggestion to Mommy dearest. :-)