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Snowmen and Dragon Party

We have lots and lots of snow this winter and one of those who enjoys it is me. I made up a song one day, which Mommy and I kept chanting on the way to kindergarten. It goes sth like this,

Es schneit, es schneit,
Es ist Kindergartenszeit

It’s snowing, it’s snowing,
It’s time for kindergarten

hzl200902180031We also made a few snowmen this winter. This is our latest tho we were not really in the mood to decorate it. I wanted to sled but the snow was so soft and thick that the sled sunk in and didn’t move at all.

Thursday, 19th February 2009

We had a dragon-themed party today in kindergarten. Mommy dressed me up as a dragon, but most of my girl friends dressed up as princesses. Dragon and princess, what a match!

Didn’t matter tho, coz we had fun.
hzl200902190036Didn’t I look scary? hzl200902190037

Feeding the wild ducks.

Sometimes after kindergarten, Mommy took me to feed the wild ducks on the small stream not far from our house.

20th Oct. 2008

There weren’t as many today. Maybe some just had lunch somewhere.
In the district office’s compound. Mommy found this bigger-than-normal leaf.
Bigger than my own face.
I managed to “save” one BrΓΆtchen – bread roll for myself. It was stone hard but I was adamant to have it.


15th Oct. 2008
Papa hasn’t been home since he went back to Frankfurt on Sun Oct 5th, tho thanks to Skype we could “see” each other each evening. But most of the time I was just busy clicking the mouse under the pretext of showing Mommy sth or checking my email. Haha. Wonder where I learn tht.
Mommy was told by my teacher that I was out of myself in kindergarten the other day. Sorta sensitive and weepy. As an attempt of Mommy to cheer me up, she let me “borrow” her camera to take pictures of fallen leaves. So here are the first few pics around the house.
Headless Mommy didn’t want her pic taken.

But I insisted.

I wanted to take the pic of the tree, but only the trunk came out. I didn’t listen when Mommy said I was too close.

Dry fallen leaves.

Late bloom yellow hawkweed.

Taking a break from taking photos.

Maple leaves.

Mommy loves this one because of the contrast.

On bed of leaves

Riding my own cock-horse.

I wanted to help rake the leaves but Mommy said tht wouldn’t be necessary.

For the record; I did manage to get some nice pics of Mommy, she just didn’t want to show them, so I can’t claim my credits.

Children’s Day

We celebrated Kindertag on Sept. 20th, 2008 and in conjunction with the day, they organized many activities for us kids. We went to town to see what they had. But I wasn’t allowed to try some of them. I am much too small according to my parents.

This was OK, tho after a while things got abit wild.
A pony ride around the block.
And a bear ride :-).

This and that in August 2008

13th August 2008

Keeping Mommy company while she does the ironing. The basket is also my make-do turtle shell. Can be a boat at times.

19th August 2008

Wannabe Hello Kitty princess.

20th August 2008

Giving Baby doll a ride on the shoulders.

BTW: This is how Papa carries me to bed at night. Arme Papa!

25th August 2008

Again while Mommy is ironing. Life is great πŸ™‚

31st August 2008

We went to the river Isar in the afternoon since the next day kindergarten started again. Funny, how Mommy was running from slugs. Glad I have Papa to carry me. πŸ™‚

June 2008

8th June 2008

Sunday afternoon walk. Mommy wanted to see that big tree but we couldn’t find it anywhere about.
My parents were too slow. At the end we we caught in the rain. We were wet like a cat but it was fun.

14th June 2008

Our second strawberry picking this season.

28th -29th June 2008, Newchurch, Austria

We decided to tag along when Papa went to the Triumph Tridays in Neukirchen, Austria; where they transformed the town to “English” town for three days. BTW: Triumph is motorbike manufacturer and not the one, Mommy is familiar with.

Well it wasn’t all about motorbikes tho. At least they didn’t forget about me.

Later tht day we went to a petting zoo. Mommy forgot the name of the place but what a scenery they have.

Here me and Papa and Peter Donner; Papa’s former colleague. Nice view from outside of one of the inns. Imagine waking up to see this splendid view of mountains.
And someone was “raking” hay at that height.
We went to Krimmler waterfalls on Sunday just before we went home.

One of those views again before we left.

Ein Laufrad

3rd June 2008

After back and forth discussions, my parents decided against buying a real bike with supporting wheels. They decided a Laufrad – a running bike – is much better for me to learn balancing. Doesn’t matter to me, as long as I have the matching gloves and tiny basket.

My fleet is definitely growing. πŸ™‚

Strawberry picking

31st May 2008

We would like to continue this annual event which we started last year . So as soon as we know the season is opened we went to the nearest strawberry farm. Unfortunately, only a small section was ready. After a few times being warned not to pick the unripe ones by Mommy, I went to pick the flowers instead.

We; Mommy and I finished the whole box of strawberries on the way home. πŸ™‚ Sooo lecker!