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Goodbye Bremen

30th April 2007 hzl200704300131.png

Today the movers came to load our things on the lorry. As soon as they were in, Mommy dropped me at Auntie Samia’s house so I could hang out w Zina, Sabri and Amir for the last time before we moved 740km down south. I know I will ask for them even if I am too young to understand why we can’t see each other like we always did.


Sabri (Sabrine), me and Zina.


15th March 2007

While Auntie Samia went to the clinic, Zina stayed w us for a while. Then later she and mommy decided to go for a walk in Burgerpark, which is just nearby. There we; Amir, Sabri and her friend from kindergarten, Zina and me also went to the small zoo and later feed the wild ducks bread. Was fun trying to catch them. Later, we went to playground which I tried my favorite thing there; the slide. There were alot of ppl there and so many times mommy had to stop me from “stealing” baby bikes. She promised tht I will get one soon, but when mommy? OK, mommy if you say so. When we get home both mommy and me were exhausted.

p/s: No pic for a while because papi has the camera now and mommy doesn’t wanna use the videocam.