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Eid ul-Fitri 1432

Eid ul-Fitri is a festivity to celebrate the completion of Ramadan in which Muslims are required to fast daily for dawn to sunset for a month long. It’s a big day in Malaysia so Mommy decided in addition to calling the family, we also made a video greeting in Malay. The text was written by her. I just had to read it out but her penmanship was not as legible as I’ve requested. We hope, they still got the essence of it, tho. Hopefully!

3rd Birthday

hzl200712270006.jpg27th December 2007

Today is my birthday. Mommy asked, has it been that long ago. Yes, it has. Here was I back then.

hzl200712270018.jpgFor months I have been requesting a birthday cake w candles and I am so happy I got the chance finally. I even sang “Happy Birthday to me” Hehe.

hzl200712270017.jpgPapa had to lend a moral support to blow the candles.

We thanked everyone who called, sent sms, emailed etc etc for the birthday wishes.