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Inflammation of the ear

I woke Mommy up short after 4 am this morning and told her my ear’s awa – it hurts. Told her my throat hurt too. She asked me to sleep it off and we’ll go to doc’s in the morning. I just couldn’t sleep anymore; no matter how much begging Mommy was doing. But somehow the pain lessen up a bit because I was able to doze off  later. Since the doc’s office opens at 9:00 am only, we had to wait with going to doc. And we had to wait over an hour there because we didn’t have appointment. We have to wait anyway, even if we have appointment, because we are not privately insured.

While we were waiting, Mommy kept asking if I am in pain. With all the excitements in the waiting room, I didn’t even notice anymore. Later the doc said I have inflammation in my ear. Was prescribed w pain-killers and amoxicillin but she asked us to wait the amoxicillin. Should only take it if the pain persists in the next few days. Lets hope I don’t have to. We were asked to come on Monday for a follow-up check-up.

BTW: Mommy saw a sign yesterday in the  kindergarden tht says “We have Scarlet fever in Fish group”. She just thought, oh oh.

What have been happenings to me.

17th November 2008

Round about this time last year, I was suspected to contract scarlet fever. It was the case when Mommy came and picked me up on Monday. I had red cheeks and  tummy but the redness was gone when my kindergarten teacher Astrid wanted to show her. I didn’t have any other symptoms like strawberry tongue, fever, strep throat or abdominal pains. At least I didn’t complain any of it. Back at home Mommy took my temperature again. Normal. Right before going to bed I had blazing red cheeks again which subdued later.
She decided not to take any chance, so she made appointment  in the afternoon w the doc – we couldn’t in the morning coz she was waiting for sth. And still we had to wait till the next morning to know the result of the swab the doc took from my mouth.

It was positive. I had to take  penicillin and be quarantined, so no kindergarten for the rest of the week. I already complained how much I miss my friends. She said I shouldn’t go to kindergarten coz I would make them also ill.
So, I just stayed home and helped Mommy w house chores or made her play w me.

29th November 2008

We had a date w Papa’s cousin who came down from Switzerland.  Spent half a day w her and we went to the Munich x-mas market.

8th December 2008

I was complaining about sore throat the whole weekend and got high temperature, so Mommy decided to take me to the doc again. The doc made another test and she said I had scarlet fever again. Poor me. So, same procedure again – penicillin and no kindergarten.

16th December 2008

Went to the doc again for the follow-up check-up. Got clean bill of health.

17th December 2008

hzl200812170023We were at x-mas party with my bear group and family. Had so much fun that I didn’t want to go home afterwards.

19th December 2008

hzl200812190003Mommy noticed red papules on my body and she thought it was a sign of chickenpox. Went to the doc again and her fear was confirmed. So, I am quarantined again and we had to cancel the birthday party I was so looking forward to. My parents said I could invite my friends again when I am better in January; a sorta belated birthday party.

And now we are hoping I will be well enuf so we can go for the annual visit to Tante Geno in Köln, tho she already said it doesn’t matter if I am still ill, we are still welcomed there. How very nice of her. 🙂