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15th – 18th September 2005.


38++ weeks.

Mommy’s good friend Aunt Adlina – from her time at Univ of Wisconsin Madison, came down from Scotland to visit us.

We took them to Universum Science Center in Bremen on Saturday and to Hamburg on Sunday
Me w makcik Nina and pakcik Alistair in Hamburg.
Thank you for visiting and for the presents and souvenir.

03rd September 2005.


36++ weeks.

Another one for this week

No time for picture mommy; I am busy ready the c’t (Computer Technique) magazine. Maybe I will follow papi’s footsteps one day. He even let me “read” the old issues.

Anyway we – Papi, mommy and me would like to wish happy b’day to my cousin Aiman in Malaysia. Today is his fourth b’day.

26th August 2005.


35++ weeks.

I am eight months today.

Wohoo!!!!. Now I …..

  • shuffle my bottom to move around.
  • start to crawl, but haven’t got the hang of crawling yet.
  • hate to be on my tummy, so I rollover the next possible moment mommy isn’t watching.
  • point objects w my index finger and rake up object with my fingers