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05th -07th July 2005.


27++ weeks.

Papi, Mommy, Großtante (great-aunt) Geno and me went to Bleialf in the Eifel region. Behind us is the village where my daddy was born, not too long ago. hzl200507060051In front of my late great grandmother’s house where Papi was born –in the room w the satellite disc on the right.

hzl0507090080Before heading home we decided to stayovernight at  Großtante Geno’s in Köln. With Tante Geno, me and my second cousin Sven at her place. hzl200507090078hzl0507090083Sven and me.

29th June 2005.

hzl050629003826++ weeks.

Now that I am six months old already, Mommy let me on grown up food.

My first attempt on solid food. Ain’t as easy as I thought. How come mommy and Papi do it without spots on their shirts? Hmmm I have to learn first. Or Mommy has to learn to feed me better! She missed my mouth a few times already. Nonetheless, the carrot puree was delicious.