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23rd June 2005.

hzl050623001425++ weeks.

Me and Mommy accompanied Papi to LinuxTag 2005 from 22-25 June. Someone has to look after Papi and two are better than one. Isn’t it? So we went all the way from Bremen to Karlsruhe. I am taking the trip all-right I think. Mommy confirmed. ­čÖé

It was a hot day and I was sweaty.

2nd June 2005.


23++ weeks

Good morning world!
My parents are worried that I don’t drink or sleep well these days, so Mommy is taking me to the baby doc who gave me the shots. He shouldn’t dare to do it again. But the doc said I am fine. We should come again next week tho.

26-29th May 2005.

hzl050526000121 weeks.

Opa and Oma’s Visit. They come all the way from Eupen, Belgium. So nice it was in Oma’s arms that I fell asleep.

Excuse me, Oma and Opa, but I need my beauty sleep to grow and yet I don’t wanna let you go. hzl0505270026

My first restaurant visit; Restaurant Bali in Worpswede. Hold me tightly Opa. Don’t let the man takes me away, tho mommy and papa said his food was yummy.Today, 27th May, I am exactly five months old.

hzl050528003628th May 2005

Mommy said I look nice in my new pink floral dress with matching hat. So did papa, and Oma and Opa. I think it’s only because they love me. hzl0505280038
Oma and Opa in Emmasee Coffee House in B├╝rgerpark. We took them for a stroll in the park, which is just a short distance from our house. Thank you for visiting us and do come again!