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14th-16th May 2005

hzl050514004820 weeks For the Pentecost weekend, we decided to visit Großtante Geno (my papa’s aunt) in Köln. Afterall I haven’t seen her since I was 4 weeks old. Hmm wonder how much she has changed since then. hzl0505140052

After a few very very short frightening moments, we are almost best buddies.

20 weeks I tried to hug her like she did me, but I am abit too small still. Will just have to wait.

hzl200505160065        She made me laugh too. hzl200505160070

She even declared the sofa as my Ehrenplatz (place of honor). I can have it each time I come. So watch out cousins, aunties and uncles. You all heard her!
Almost time to go again. Now lemme look at you again, Großtante, so I won’t forget how you look like.
And thank you again for having us on a short notice. Next time you come and visit us!

9th May 2005

hzl050509005419 weeks.
Hmmmmm fingers licking good.
I am now 7.130 kg and 65 cm long. My parents work on those muscles when they are carrying me up on the stairs.

  • I can now sit with support.
  • I can hold my head and turn my head left and right.
  • I can use both hands to grab toys.
  • I like to smile at myself when I look in the mirror.