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3-6th of May 2006

71 weeks

Linuxtag 2006 at Wiesbaden, Germany

After ten years in Karlsruhe, this time they moved it to Wiesbaden. And we decided to accompany Papa again this year.

Checking up the bed at the Etap hotel…
hzl200605030017On Thurs, because there wasn’t much to attend to, we went to a Fasanerie –petting zoo– where we could pat and feed the sheep, dears etc. etc.

Hallo you! want some snack?hzl200605040026I have found a passion for climbing.

We love visiting Google booth; they gave us alot of pens.

We ended our visit this year with listening to the computer millionaire Mark Shuttleworth who went to space in 2002. No, he wasn’t sharing his experience of the journey but about his Ubuntu and open source projects.