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24-27th Feb. 2006


61 weeks.

Brussels, Belgium Papa asked us to come along with him for the Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting 2006 aka FOSDEM at Université Libre de Bruxelles. We gladly went, but I was kinda bored during the long ride. You can’t just sleep the whole time, can you? After all I am not a baby anymore. Here, inspecting the hotel room after we checked in. hzl200602250008

First talk by Richard Stallman (the guy w the laptop) on software patents. Papa said he’s some free software movement guru. I lasted for more than 10 minutes before interrupting and disturbing him, and the guy thanxed mommy for “removing the source of noise”. Arghhhh. Irked mommy as well.

hzl200602250014We took tht label to heart, so we decided instead to run after the doves while papa is doing his things w the Debian Developers. hzl200602250030

Did say hallo to papa later on.

hzl200602260034hzl200602260035Hanna Wallach presented the finding of poll on Women in Free Software. Since it is a very interesting topic we decided to attend it. I did vocal my points here and there but nobody really minded me, tho papa did apologize to her afterward.


Good bye Brussels. Have to say we enjoyed our time here. Ppl are awfully nice esp when they see someone w stroller. They help to open and hold the door for you, lift the stroller when we climbing stairs or getting in public transport. Really impressed.However, we didn’t see much of the city. Maybe next time.