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14th Jan. 2006.

hzl200601140020Oldenburg Pinguin Brunch at Phönix Restaurant

The Oldenburg Linux User’s brunch is an annual event which we missed out last year. So this year we made a point to go, so off we went on Sat morning. It isn’t tht far from Bremen to Oldenburg. ~ 60km. It was a rather quiet event but the place was full. Obviously we were not the only one who gathered tht day. And I was not the youngest too. There was a six-month old baby w her older brother Paul. Paul and I played tug-of-war w his toy car as you can see in the pic. And I tell you after he got his car back, he gave me a lecture on taking other ppl’s toy. Oh boy! I just wanted to have a look.

25-28th Dec. 2005.


53 weeks.

During the x-mas holidays we went to great-aunt Geno’s house in Köln, where we were then joined by Uncle Willi, Aunt Silvia, cousin Dominik and Uncle Jürgen and family. hzl200512260009Hmmm I am not sure if I am doing the right thing here.

hzl20051226silviaOne triangle for you. hzl20051226williSnapshot from uncle Willi