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10th Dec. 2005.


50++ weeks.

In the afternoon we went to the mommy and papi’s childbirth class reunion. This time the babies all are out. And all are five girls. Wohooo gurl power!. I am the leader of the pack, only because I am the first who was born. Marie was born just a day after me but she walks like a pro already. hzl200512100007This is Irem, and she is the youngest.

hzl200512100008And behind me is Romy Marlen (sp). hzl200512100015

And not forgotten Gina.

After mommies and daddies finished comparing notes, they plan to meet up again some time in the future. So, see you later everybody. Next time would be more fun.

27th Nov. 2005.


48 weeks.

Mommy can hardly believe I am eleven months today. Has it been tht long since she was complaining of having contractions? Now I …..  


  • refine the art of cruising around,
  • can walk on my own for a distance,
  • point if I want something,
  • shake my head to say “no”.
  • dance to music.



    The evil Mr. Cold revisited and my parents keep wiping my red nose. Wish they leave it alone.Wht is the number of Child Protection Agency again? Or maybe I’ll hide behind the sofa and hope they wouldn’t find me. hzl200511270014