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20th November 2005.


47++ weeks.

One of my fave pastime – hiding behind the curtains.

Mommy is wondering if it’s phenomenon of babies tht we are so fascinated in telephone and remote control: They are more interesting than any of my toys, to the point, I treat everything as phone now, be it my feeding spoon or the tube of my anti-rash cream. I don’t think I am weird tho, because my friend Zina does the same. So must be a baby’s thingy. Time to get me a toy phone, dear parents, before I make our phone kaput.

11th November 2005.


46++ weeks.

Today I’m still very ill. Been having a cold since a few days. Papi said with treatment it lasts 7 days and without, it lasts a week. So, I just need a TLC” tender,loving, care ” from my lovely parents.They think I’m the best patient they’ve ever had.

Don’t I look really ill?