Monthly Archives: August 2009


Last week, my soon-to-be kindergarten teacher called and asked if we would like to go and visit them before the new session starts. Just to familiarize ourselves w the new kindergarten. And yesterday she called us up again and when Mommy told me, I was so excited that I wanted to go right away. Then Mommy was lamenting how she would miss me when I go to kindergarten. So, I suggested that we get another Zuleikha (how? only God knows). She said, “Mommy will be w the other Zuleikha while you are in kindergarten?” Boldly I replied, “NO, the other Zuleikha goes to kindergarten and I stay w you” Haha. I am so smart at dodging kindergarten.
Anyway, today we went to the new kindergarten. We are really impressed. I will be placed in the Räuber (robber) group. Papa would be glad because sometimes he likes to call me Räuberin or Räbertochter.
But for now, I need to finish off my learning with Mommy before kindergarten starts on Sept 16 and we need to get the items on the list for kindergarten. How exciting!