My beloved Oma passed away on Monday 18th May 2009 after a complicated operation. Here are some pics, so I would never forget her.

This was when I first met her in May 2005 when they came to visit from Belgium. I was barely 5 months old.
Since they love me so much, they came to visit again in August 2005. and brought w them lots of goodies for me that we thought it was xmas, but what I liked the most was her pendant 😉
p200608130032Since her health didn’t permit them to visit, we decided to visit them instead on Opa‘s birthday in August 2006.
hzl200612280088 Right after we came back from Malaysia in Dec 2006, they came to visit for my birthday. It was rather a short visit tho.
When we moved to Freising in 2007 they visited us again. So nice of them to drive such a long distance.

We visited them again between X-mas 2008 and a new year and tht’s the last time we saw her.
You will always be missed by your family Oma. May you rest in peace.

6 thoughts on “Oma

  1. Dear Mid & Zuleikha

    My condolence to your family on the demise of your beloved OMA. Just hang in there for you know that she is at a better place. Take Care!


  2. Thx Zura, don’t think she really got it yet coz we didn’t see each other often. Sometimes she was saying sth about her grandparents as if the Oma is still there.

  3. Dear Mid and family,

    Am so sorry for your family’s loss. It’s good to see there’s many sweet memories to remember her by.


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