Monthly Archives: May 2009

Short update

A lot has been happening since the last update – Mommy couldn’t remember much of it anymore. Anyway, like some of you may have known that soonish we are moving to Mörfelden-Walldorf, a place just outside Frankfurt am Main. We went there during Easter break to clean up the new apt, painted my room. It turned out not as in the color in the chart. My parents frowned when they see the color but I loove it.

hzl200904080061My new abode, it’s supposed to be light pink but who cares. hzl200904080063
Also my parents just handed in the notice to my kindergarten teacher.
hzl200904160097And hopefully I could get a place in the new kindergarten which is just outside my parents’ bedroom. hzl200904160091This is in front of our apt. complex.

At the moment, I am very very busy helping Mommy w sorting out stuff and packing.