Inflammation of the ear

I woke Mommy up short after 4 am this morning and told her my ear’s awa – it hurts. Told her my throat hurt too. She asked me to sleep it off and we’ll go to doc’s in the morning. I just couldn’t sleep anymore; no matter how much begging Mommy was doing. But somehow the pain lessen up a bit because I was able to doze off  later. Since the doc’s office opens at 9:00 am only, we had to wait with going to doc. And we had to wait over an hour there because we didn’t have appointment. We have to wait anyway, even if we have appointment, because we are not privately insured.

While we were waiting, Mommy kept asking if I am in pain. With all the excitements in the waiting room, I didn’t even notice anymore. Later the doc said I have inflammation in my ear. Was prescribed w pain-killers and amoxicillin but she asked us to wait the amoxicillin. Should only take it if the pain persists in the next few days. Lets hope I don’t have to. We were asked to come on Monday for a follow-up check-up.

BTW: Mommy saw a sign yesterday in the  kindergarden tht says “We have Scarlet fever in Fish group”. She just thought, oh oh.

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