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Snowmen and Dragon Party

We have lots and lots of snow this winter and one of those who enjoys it is me. I made up a song one day, which Mommy and I kept chanting on the way to kindergarten. It goes sth like this,

Es schneit, es schneit,
Es ist Kindergartenszeit

It’s snowing, it’s snowing,
It’s time for kindergarten

hzl200902180031We also made a few snowmen this winter. This is our latest tho we were not really in the mood to decorate it. I wanted to sled but the snow was so soft and thick that the sled sunk in and didn’t move at all.

Thursday, 19th February 2009

We had a dragon-themed party today in kindergarten. Mommy dressed me up as a dragon, but most of my girl friends dressed up as princesses. Dragon and princess, what a match!

Didn’t matter tho, coz we had fun.
hzl200902190036Didn’t I look scary? hzl200902190037

Week 07 of the year 2009

It hadn’t been a good week for me tho on Monday the doc said my ear was OK again. I dunno what happened but I don’t like going to kindergarten anymore. Mommy was puzzled because she thought that would never happen. On Wednesday, my teacher Astrid talked to her about me; that I cried for no a apparent reason. My tears flowed just like a dam breaking up. [Sometimes I do tell Mommy that my tears just wanna come out, as if they have mind of their own]. Astrid asked Mommy what has been happening at home. Nothing unusual tho, Mommy thinks I miss my papa. They know it’s hard, but I don’t think they know how hard it’s. I can’t really tell them too, well not in the way they would understand.

On Friday, I begged Mommy to let me stay home. Mommy said no. I told Mommy I want to go to the doc’s. She said we can’t go, if we are not sick. I  cried all the way to kindergarten. When we were there, we sat a few minutes at the entryway with Mommy wiping my tears away and discussing why I can’t go home w her. I think, a few more minutes she would take me home, but Astrid came to see us and asked why. Later she took me in her arms and carried me to the class room. I was smiling in my tears saying goodbye to Mommy w my teddy Snowflake clinching in my arms.

hzl200902050001hzl200902050005This pic was taken when Mommy had her b-day. I asked her to bake a cake w teddy decoration. She thought it would be too much for two of us, so she baked muffins instead.

We were playing dragon family in kindergarten, hence the green mark on my forehead.

Inflammation of the ear

I woke Mommy up short after 4 am this morning and told her my ear’s awa – it hurts. Told her my throat hurt too. She asked me to sleep it off and we’ll go to doc’s in the morning. I just couldn’t sleep anymore; no matter how much begging Mommy was doing. But somehow the pain lessen up a bit because I was able to doze off  later. Since the doc’s office opens at 9:00 am only, we had to wait with going to doc. And we had to wait over an hour there because we didn’t have appointment. We have to wait anyway, even if we have appointment, because we are not privately insured.

While we were waiting, Mommy kept asking if I am in pain. With all the excitements in the waiting room, I didn’t even notice anymore. Later the doc said I have inflammation in my ear. Was prescribed w pain-killers and amoxicillin but she asked us to wait the amoxicillin. Should only take it if the pain persists in the next few days. Lets hope I don’t have to. We were asked to come on Monday for a follow-up check-up.

BTW: Mommy saw a sign yesterday in the  kindergarden tht says “We have Scarlet fever in Fish group”. She just thought, oh oh.

After x-mas and my birthday

hzl200812290048We went to Tante Geno’s in Köln a day after my fourth birthday. It was such a long and pretty boring drive. Here is the nice x-mas tree. Tante Geno had a nice x-mas decoration too. We didn’t have it at home, tho I requested one. Papi said we were gonna spending most of the time at Tante Geno’s anyway so, no.
We went over to Opa’s and Oma’s in Belgium for a day, but Mommy forgot her camera so no pic. Then, we spent the New Year’s eve with Tante Silvia and Onkel Willi. It was fun looking at the fireworks of many colors tho at times I didn’t like the loud bang. First day of 2009, Mommy discovered she had chickenpox. Poor Mommy. Pappi and I took her to the hospital to have her checked up. And I told her how sorry I was for giving her chickenpox. But I also told her not to hug me because I don’t want her chickenpox to jump to me. Hehe. She just laughed and told me tht wouldn’t happen, but we can’t be sure can we? Since she was so unwell, Mommy couldn’t put me to bed so I had to go to bed myself, which was very very hard but I did it. hzl200901030051

And since I was such a good girl, they indulged me w ice-cream after my meal everyday after that.

hzl200901060062hzl200901060064hzl200901060069hzl200901060072And while Mommy is recuperating, Tante Geno took care of me and kept me busy. One day, I saw a lady on a tram and told Tante Geno that she looked like Mommy. When we got off, we chatted and I told her she look my mommy but she isn’t my mommy because my mommy has chickenpox. Happened to be the lady lives in the same apt complex as Tante Geno and she is from Malaysia. 🙂

On another day we wanted to build a snowman because there was much snow on the ground, but the snow was too powdery. So I made some snow soup for Mommy.
hzl200901220111Since my birthday party had to be canceled because I had chickenpox, we celebrated a belated birthday party in kindergarten in January.