Monthly Archives: November 2008

Lantern fair 2008

11th November

We had lantern fair this evening at my kindergarten. We have been practicing the “Laterne” song since a while. And other songs as well of course.

Is this how we carry the lantern?

Of course it’s more like this. On the way to kindergarten.
Discussing lantern matter w my friend Verana.
Waiting for the lantern walk w my group-mates. We are the bear group, thus, our lanterns are in the shape of a bear.
And it has begun 🙂 Do you see the green light there?
It was mine. I was so proud of it, tho my friend Amelie has a lovely stick with heart-shaped light.
Walk back in the garden
Waiting for the goose-shaped cookie.
We can share Mommy. You can have my goose. Don’t really like it.

Bidding Good Night

28th Oct 2008

At present we are in a long distance relationship w my Papa, and Skype has been a really good friend for us. I can walk through to establish the connection myself, so I can talk to Papa each evening. Tho, sometimes I wasn’t really in the mood to talk. So I would just say, “Entschuldigung Papa, ich bin müde, ich muss ins bett. Sei nicht traurig OK?” ( I am sorry, Papa, I am tired, I want to go to bed. Don’t be sad OK?).
Other days, Mommy had to put the alarm clock in front of me, to remind me when it’s time to go to bed.
I would tell Papa animated bed-time story like this. Or sing the songs we’ve been singing in the Kindergarten.
One more minute pls.

Feeding the wild ducks.

Sometimes after kindergarten, Mommy took me to feed the wild ducks on the small stream not far from our house.

20th Oct. 2008

There weren’t as many today. Maybe some just had lunch somewhere.
In the district office’s compound. Mommy found this bigger-than-normal leaf.
Bigger than my own face.
I managed to “save” one Brötchen – bread roll for myself. It was stone hard but I was adamant to have it.