Monthly Archives: September 2008

This and that in August 2008

13th August 2008

Keeping Mommy company while she does the ironing. The basket is also my make-do turtle shell. Can be a boat at times.

19th August 2008

Wannabe Hello Kitty princess.

20th August 2008

Giving Baby doll a ride on the shoulders.

BTW: This is how Papa carries me to bed at night. Arme Papa!

25th August 2008

Again while Mommy is ironing. Life is great 🙂

31st August 2008

We went to the river Isar in the afternoon since the next day kindergarten started again. Funny, how Mommy was running from slugs. Glad I have Papa to carry me. 🙂

Second Year of Kindergarten

1st Sept 2008

This week is the first week of another year in kindergarten. Was told that I may go in the morning session like the other kids. Mommy reminded me often before the actual week, how we need to get up early, eat my breakfast duly and get ready on time. She was a little bit apprehensive about not making it on time. In the very first morning, it was kinda hard to wake up. Papa had to sing something like “Wake up sleepy head, it’s morning now. You must milk the cow”. But all in all we were even early. 🙂

But the hardest part was when Mommy came to pick me up at noon. I didn’t want to go home. Who would, if all their friends were having fun in the garden right? I screamed and cried but Mommy was adamant. The second and third day were the same. Cried the whole way home. Mommy just wanted to sink in the ground. By the time it was Friday, I was a bit OK about going home, tho it took forever to say goodbyes.

On the whole, It was a fun week. I told my parents of the new teacher and kids. Showed Mommy whoiswho, so when I relate my day in kindergarten she has an idea whom I am talking about; either Angelina, Michelle, Redon or teacher Amelie. She is greatful for that, I think 🙂 And the fact that I am still loving and enjoying kindergarten.