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June 2008

8th June 2008

Sunday afternoon walk. Mommy wanted to see that big tree but we couldn’t find it anywhere about.
My parents were too slow. At the end we we caught in the rain. We were wet like a cat but it was fun.

14th June 2008

Our second strawberry picking this season.

28th -29th June 2008, Newchurch, Austria

We decided to tag along when Papa went to the Triumph Tridays in Neukirchen, Austria; where they transformed the town to “English” town for three days. BTW: Triumph is motorbike manufacturer and not the one, Mommy is familiar with.

Well it wasn’t all about motorbikes tho. At least they didn’t forget about me.

Later tht day we went to a petting zoo. Mommy forgot the name of the place but what a scenery they have.

Here me and Papa and Peter Donner; Papa’s former colleague. Nice view from outside of one of the inns. Imagine waking up to see this splendid view of mountains.
And someone was “raking” hay at that height.
We went to Krimmler waterfalls on Sunday just before we went home.

One of those views again before we left.