Monthly Archives: November 2007


22nd Oct 2007

I love going to Kindergarten. It´s fun. It was a bit cold so I should keep my head and ears covered, so my parents say.

Today is Monday and we are allowed to bring our fave toy. And it is Knut the polar bear’s turn too.

The rest of the week, lets see. Tuesday is story telling day, tho I got carried away from Monday and wanted to bring more toys. Hehe Wednesday singing, Thursday sporting/dancing and Friday coloring.

I like coloring too. This was my coloring back in July this year. Pretty messy eh?

28th Oct 2007

And here is my art work now. A very colorful orangutan. Isn’t it nicer than the original picture. Hehe

Not-so-weekly-updated babybook

Papa pointed the fact to mommy that this babybook isn’t updated regularly or at least weekly. Why Mommy? Any way ….

14th Oct 2007.

Got new sneakers for kindergarten, so exception to the no-shoes-in-the-house rules. 🙂

20th Oct 2007.

I woke Mommy up and told her I wanna be a cat.

Like on my dress here.

21st Oct 2007.

Yum yum. I love pomegranates. They are so lecker