Monthly Archives: October 2007

Autumn is here

Last Thursday I was suspected to contract scarlet fever. Thank God it wasn’t. Nonetheless it was fever and tonsillitis. So I was excused from kindergarten on Friday. I didn’t sleep well over the weekend. On Monday, I dozed off after lunch. Surprised mommy as well coz I just went to my room, climbed my bed, pulled my comforter and gone. Solid gone. So no kindergarten again.

1st October 2007

The leaves are falling already. Poor Mr. Weinhold who has to clean them away, but he has a super cool lawn mover which I wish I could ride too.

Of course Mommy said no when I did this because the grass was a bit wet.

Or this. But Mommy, we have a washing machine. I even help her load the dirty laundry in.


Mommy is sorry for not updating my babybook frequently. Nothing extraordinary is happening here. Kindergarten is as usual fun. Looking forward to it everyday, tho sometimes I am overwhelmed w the attention.
hzl200709080003.jpg8th Sept. 2007

Cheese 🙂 I am a Prinzessin in Poncho.

hzl200709180005.jpg 18th Sept. 2007

This is finger licking good Mommy. Yummy! My fave is noodle; in all sizes and shapes.

hzl200709240010.jpg24th Sept 2007

I can’t hear you Mommy.

Having a hard time w Mommy because she keeps correcting my “L” pronunciation. I say “tomollow”, instead of what? She just thought I sound so Chinese. But I think, she read some where that, it is pretty normal for us preschoolers to mispronounce certain sounds, so she gave it a rest a bit. Lucky me 😉