Monthly Archives: September 2007

I go to Kindergarten

4th Sept 2007

This morning, we went to the kindergarten nearby to inquire about our application, since we didn’t hear from then over the whole summer holidays. The director said if we want, I could go to the afternoon session right away. Papa nodded instantly and Mommy raised her shoulders (she didn’t want me to go). And I was gone checking the toys there.

hzl200709040004.jpgLets go papa.

hzl200709040008.jpg Had fun in kindergarten. Papa said I took it much better than Mommy. Mommy misses you. Poor Mommy.

I didn’t see them when they sneaked in later to pick me up. I wanted to stay there longer but they say everybody is going home. Enuf fun for today. And there’s always tomorrow.

B’day Song Blues.

Since a few weeks I like to sing “Happy Bezday To You” to whomever I can think of, day and night. Mommy tries to get me to say the “th” correctly, but I keep saying Happy Bezday . I tried, and honestly I donĀ“t recognize the differences. Papa thinks it’s the German in me. Did sing it when my Tante Silvia had her birthday and she could understand me just fine.