Monthly Archives: July 2007

Plague of “mum”.

On Monday when I woke up, I started calling Mommy mum. Out of the blue. Just like that. She was wondering where I got tht from. Papa said that I have been calling him “pap” since a few days. Mommy didn´t like tht “mum” somehow and esp not at the end of every sentence. OK mum. First she didn´t wanna say anything abt it and papa said it will go away in two days. But at noon she keeps correcting me. I didn´t understand why. Weird mum.

She said: “I am mama”.

I answered: “Ich bin Zuleikha”

Sunday walk in the city

hzl200707080007.jpg8th July. 2007

We decided to go for a walk on Sunday afternoon, which we didn´t do tht often. Freising , for a reason unknown to us, has alot of bear´s statues especially in the pedestrian zone.

Chesse bear. yum yum.

hzl200707080013.jpgEven bear in Brazilian jersey is here.

hzl200707080014.jpgOne more.

hzl200707080016.jpgAnd one more.

hzl200707080017.jpgAfraid that I would be too tired to walk home, we decided to take the bus. As the bus was leaving the bus station, it was pouring and all the way home. We were wet like a cat. True enuf; I fell asleep on my plate while having dinner.  I protested a bit tho, when mommy picked me up and brought me to bed. Soon I was in lala land.

Munich Zoo

hzl200707040011.jpg4th July 2007.

Today after breakfast we decided to go to Munich zoo. It wasn’t planed at all. As soon as mommy agreed to papa´s suggestion we all hopped in the car. It was raining on the way to Munich and still was when we arrived there. After a few confusions on where the entrance of the zoo is, we finally made it.

This way papa.

hzl200707040022.jpgWhen we were at the jungle section a small bird suddenly hopped on my head. I was crying for help.

hzl200707040023.jpgPapa took the bird on his finger.

hzl200707040025.jpgThank you, papa

hzl200707040028.jpgThe girl wanna pet the bird too.

hzl200707040032.jpgSo nice …

hzl200707040044.jpgThere is much more to see but it´s kinda late for us. So we decided to head home.