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KIKA’s Anniversary Song

In conjunction with its 10th anniversary, KIKA (Kinder Kanal) – children channel, airs its birthday song almost everyday. So every so often I would sing it esp the chorus:

Wie schön, dass es den KIKA gibt,
bei allen Kindern sehr beliebt,
Wir gratulier’n zum 10. Jahr,
mach weiter so, denn du bist wunderbar.

Sth like; how nice there is KIKA, loved by all kids, we congratulate you on the 10th year, keep up because you are great.

Clothes pins

hzl200706200002.jpg 20th June 2007

I like to keep papa company while he is smoking on the balcony. One of the things, I like to do was this. He cried for help because I told him the crocodiles were biting him. But no one came, only mommy but only to take this photo.


10th June 2007

Normally on the weekend esp. on Sunday papa likes to take us for a joyride and today we went to Chiemsee, where he said is a famous tourist place. The first thing we did was checking out the playground. Unfortunately it was almost raining right after that so there wasn’t much to do.

p/s: I dunno who tht boy was. He just hopped up behind me after asking if he may join me.

First Strawberry Picking

8th June 20078th June 2007

Mommy and I came down w a cold since a few days, but that hasn’t stopped us from going to our first strawberry picking. We love it. Yummy yummy. The last time mommy did it was in Madison, Wisconsin more than a decade ago. When papa and mommy were in Malaysia in 2004, they went to a strawberry farm in Cameron Highlands, which wasn’t as she expected.

8th June 2007Yummy. While waiting for papa to pick us up., we tried very hard not to eat them all.

Vroom vroom

7th May 2007.7th June 2007.

“Zuleikha can doit” and “Zuleikha doit” – These are overly used phrases these days. My parents just hold their breath and see how I manage. It isn’t easy being independent.