Q: Wht’s your name?

A: Hanna Zleikha.

Q: Wht’s papa’s name?

A: Hanna papa.

Q: Wht’s mama’s name?

A: Mama

At least I know my name and tht’s a good beginning already 🙂

4 thoughts on “Names.

  1. Hello… 🙂
    Dah lama nak congratulate you for having Zuleikha tapi kesibukan membatasi…
    mana nak tengok gambar2 terbaru?
    ko sihat ke Mid since jadi mama ni?

    To Zuleikha… happy bigging heheh..

  2. Jalilah!!! where in the world have you been??? Must have been super duper busy. Thought working w govt. you just goyang kaki. LOL.

    Anyway, thx. Being mommy is great esp. now I get feedback of wht I am saying. Tho, most of the time it’s only no, no nein Mama.

    Keep on visiting her babybook; eventually will pop up her new pics.

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