Monthly Archives: March 2007

A scary moment

Yesterday, on the way home from grocery shopping, mommy and me saw a blind woman w her black dog. As we passed each other, the dog snatched the milk roll (milchbrötchen) from my hand, and in a split second the roll was gone. Mommy was stunned and clueless. She is afraid of dog already. Luckily, the dog didn’t get my hand or anything. The woman apologized but it’s really no one’s fault. After awhile I began crying and relating wht has just happened to mommy as if she wasn’t there. In just no time later I forgot all abt it, but mommy was afraid I would be scared of dog.

And this morning we saw another black dog on lease — almost the same size. Mommy thought I would cry or something. But no, I even said: Hallo dog. Wht a relief to mommy. So papi was right after all.


15th March 2007

While Auntie Samia went to the clinic, Zina stayed w us for a while. Then later she and mommy decided to go for a walk in Burgerpark, which is just nearby. There we; Amir, Sabri and her friend from kindergarten, Zina and me also went to the small zoo and later feed the wild ducks bread. Was fun trying to catch them. Later, we went to playground which I tried my favorite thing there; the slide. There were alot of ppl there and so many times mommy had to stop me from “stealing” baby bikes. She promised tht I will get one soon, but when mommy? OK, mommy if you say so. When we get home both mommy and me were exhausted.

p/s: No pic for a while because papi has the camera now and mommy doesn’t wanna use the videocam.

Life without Schnuller

After I rip my one-week-old pacifier last week, mommy decided tht’s it. I should part with pacifier once and for all. Each time I ask “nuner mama” she showed me the pacifiers with cut off nipple. A few of them. Falling asleep during nap and bedtime is harder than usual; nothing to comfort me. But life hasn’t change tht much. I have other things to care about anyway. So lets hope for the best. It has only been less than a week.

p/s: Mommy *does* have one new pacifier left in store, just in case.

Pussy Pat or Postman Cat

One of the goodies my parents brought from Malaysia was Postman Pat’s VCD — not the DVD because of the country code. And Postman Pat is one of the cartoons I am allowed to watch. I used to say Pussy Pat but today I said Postman Cat. Luckily mommy knew wht I was talking abt. One of these days I will get it right and even sing the theme song.