Monthly Archives: February 2007

Common cold

Been having cold since a few days already. Mommy didn’t take me to the doc; she thinks a TLC is enuf but last night I really scared her, when I kept waking up and complained ” ear awa (hurts)”. And of all things papa wasn’t home. He is working away again this whole week. Mommy took my temperature; 37.37°C. Hmm ok she said. She put wet towel on my forehead and tried talking me into sleeping. I tried and I really did. First thing she did in the morning was to call the doc office and get an appointment. By time we were there I almost feel normal. And now she is loaded w medication.

More snow


09th Feb. 2007

It was snowing since yesterday, so mommy decided it’s best to take more pics and showed them to my cousins in Malaysia to make them really wanna come and visit us. Last time they talked about coming here and going skiing and playing in the snow. Hope this will give them more motivation to bug their parents. It’s really nice but coooold and worst with the wind chill.