Monthly Archives: January 2007

25 months


30th January 2007

And growing and growing. Fave phrase: “Look mama this” and “Look papa that”. Mommy thinks tht sound heavenly to her. But after a dozen times, she thinks she has heard enuf. Next month we should know if the kindergarten accepts my registration for the next session or if we have to go to another one.

psst: New hairdo. Mommy cut my hair while I was busy playing in the tub. She tricked me alright.

Snow, snow finally.

A month went by since we are back from Malaysia and mommy is still not in the mood to write sth abt it yet. Wonder when she will do it. Maybe when I am 18. Last night it was snowing, so this morning mommy showed me the snow on our balcony. Later she took me out after I insisted. I said “snow a man” she said no snowman; too few snow and too cold anyway.