Monthly Archives: November 2006

The 24-month Checkup.

13th Nov. 2006
We have an appointment with the baby doc today for the above checkup aka U7 here. Everything is OK w me. The doc assistant quizzed me on my anatomy like tummy, eyes and nose. I even showed her my ears to get extra credit. 😉
I am now 11.3kg light and 84 cm tall. When I was born I was one-third of mommy’s height and now I am more than half of hers. I will outgrow her in no time and catch up w papa too.
We still have to go to eye doctor to check my eyesight but that will be after we get back from Malaysia. We don’t have time now. I have to help mommy pack our baggage.

p/s: I now know there are “aman” — man and “afau” — woman, and not just man on this planet.


09th Nov 2006

This morning I woke up at 4 sth am –an hour after mommy put me back to bed again after my nightly “smooch”. And I insisted on going to bathroom. Of course, my bottom was bare already and I know mommy’s first thought was “not again”. So mommy seated me on my potty and waited and waited but nothing came out. OK false alarm. Packed me back to bed and hoped I would sleep again. I did and didn’t even woke up when papa left for work. Normally I would wake up after the click when he closes behind him.



3rd Nov. 2006

It’s getting colder now. Mommy insists that I wear socks and everything. OK might as well put on my mouse shoes and hat mommy.

Note: Thing comes in three now like mama teddy, papa teddy and baby teddy and etc. etc. And I call every adult human being ” ai man” — a mix of a man and ein Mann of german. This dual-language business can be confusing sometime but my parents are sure I’ll make it. lets hope so