Monthly Archives: October 2006

Fall season

hzl200610210002We have fall season now and it’s really nice. One of the best thing abt having four seasons in a year, according to mommy. The leaves are changing colors and some are falling already. And each time we walk and pass an oak tree I would collect acorns as many as my tiny hands can handle. Which isn’t many BTW. And loose some on the way too. But sometimes mommy or papa helps to carry some. With these acorns I keep myself or my parents busy. Shake them and open pls papa !
hzl200610210004Close pls.
hzl200610210006Yes, they are still there.

94 & 95 weeks


14th Oct. 2006

No update since a while. Mommy doesn’t have new pics available. It isn’t she hasn’t tried, but each time she switched on the camera, I dashed to her that she couldn’t do anything else. She ended up with blown-up pic of me. Plenty of them. She just think they wouldn’t do justice. However … here I was in front of papa’s twin towers. hzl200610160085

16th Oct 2006

Still in pyjama but I am ready to go Mommy. Pack my bag and put Rosie in. After breakfast mommy let me watch “Caillou” a bit while she does stuff so we can go out later.