Saving my babybook

Sometime last year we lost the contents of our server Mommy thought we lost her precious “baby” and when Papa set up everything again, she didn’t want to bother with having her own website. Until recently, she then decided to dig out her backups of things she accumulated.  She found a backup of my old babybook tho it was until 2009 only. Still it’s better than nothing. All the pics are gone but she has these on the folders somewhere and she’ll have to upload to Flickr and embed them here. Lets hope she’ll get it done soon.

Eid ul-Fitri 1432

Eid ul-Fitri is a festivity to celebrate the completion of Ramadan in which Muslims are required to fast daily for dawn to sunset for a month long. It’s a big day in Malaysia so Mommy decided in addition to calling the family, we also made a video greeting in Malay. The text was written by her. I just had to read it out but her penmanship was not as legible as I’ve requested. We hope, they still got the essence of it, tho. Hopefully!